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Solar Eclipse Can Affect Your Vision: Be Prepared

The solar eclipse is coming on August 21, 2017. The path of the eclipse is crossing over Oregon Thru southern Illinois and across thru the Carolinas. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun. This eclipse will totally obscure the sun from your view since the moon will appear larger than the sun. Make sure you protect your eyes properly.

Solar Eclipse : How you can protect your Eyes

The last time a total solar eclipse occurred here was back in 1918. A partial solar eclipse occurred in 1979 in Chicago. This is a very special event and we will probably not see another in our lifetime. It’s never a good idea to look at the sun. It’s important to always wear uv-blocking sunglasses outside during the brightest hours of the day. The light-sensitive cells that allow us to see are very delicate. Looking at the sun directly can damage them. You can actually burn your retina called solar retinopathy, just by looking at the sun. You will not feel the damage. We have a large lens inside our eye called the crystalline lens. This lens is a very powerful magnifier. If you look directly into the sun it is magnified and can burn a hole in your retina. This will cause the damage to your central or fine vision.

So how do we protect them? With solar eclipse eyeglasses. You can purchase solar eclipse sunglasses from bookstores, libraries and museums. Eclipse eyeglasses are not the same as sunglasses. They are designed to block out all of the harmful uv rays and the excess light so we can view the eclipse without damaging your eyes. Make sure they are ISO 12312-2 certified and will protect your eyes. Please do not use your sunglasses. In order for them to be approved by NASA they must block more than 99.999% of the light passing thru them. They cannot be scratched or have any bubbles.

Please do not risk your eye sight over the solar eclipse. Wear these special eyeglasses and enjoy this rare phenomenon. Schedule an eye examination at Eye Mechanix 

Protect your eyes from the Solar Eclipse! Schedule an Exam with our Optometrist in Lincoln Park Chicago