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Our Optometrist at Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park, Chicago

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Our Optometrist specializes in how the human eye works. We understand how conditions and diseases can affect your vision. Many of which don’t have any symptoms. The eye care team at Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park knows the risk factors and we know how to keep your eyes healthy over time. We use the best corrective eyeglass lenses and contact lenses. When searching for an Optometrist in Lincoln Park Chicago keep in mind how long they have been practicing, experience and knowledge.

We take the time to find the best correction for your vision. Maintaining the health of your eyes is the most importance of our eye care center. Please ask any questions you may have during your eye exam. We encourage you to share any vital health information which could be vital to managing any potential vision problems.

Our Optometrist at Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Optometrist Dr Randall RickettsDr Ricketts has been practicing Optometry for over 20 years. Providing quality eye care in the Chicago area since graduating from the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Ricketts attended The University of Wisconsin and pursued a major in chemistry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree, he continued his education at the Illinois College of Optometry, earning a Doctorate of Optometry in 1990. He also attended Vandercook College of Music for a year. While attending the Illinois College of Optometry Dr. Ricketts completed many internships: Primary Care, Ocular Emergencies, Vision Therapy and Low Vision at the Illinois Eye Institute. He has State Board Certifications in Illinois and Ohio; and is Therapeutically Licensed by the National Board of Optometry for the treatment of Ocular Diseases.

We are here for all of your eye care needs. Our services include: Routine eye exams, Contact Lens exams, Children’s eye exams, Eye emergencies, Treatment of ocular diseases and Co-management of Laser eye surgery.

Annual eye exams for any adult are an important part of your health. We can detect many health conditions in an eye exam, as well as maintaining the health of your eyes. A good way to maintain good vision and health is early detection of sight threatening diseases. Your risk of developing conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts increases as you age. These conditions when detected early can ensure good vision and prevent vision loss.

Dr Ricketts has worked in a pediatric eye care center with his sister Dr Jody Ricketts who is a certified Pediatric Optometrist at 730 N Optometry in Libertyville Illinois. He performed thorough eye exams for children with learning disabilities. His duties were detection of early vision problems, related to learning disabilities. He has treated many vision related, hand-eye co-ordinated problems in children. Children should have an eye exam once a year to ensure good visual acuity and performance. This is important to detect early conditions related to visual problems.

Schedule an eye exam with our Optometrist in Lincoln Park and SEE the difference!