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Etnia Barcelona Eyewear In LaGrange Illinois

Etnia Barcelona Eywear at Eye Mechanix La Grange

At Etnia Barcelona Eyewear we craft our story through our work with the legends of the world of art and photography.” Tired of glasses that are black, brown, or various shades of gray? If you’re looking to spice up your eyewear and infuse a burst of color, the Etnia Barcelona eyewear collection has what you’re looking for. With a legacy dating back over 70 years to the roots of Spain’s art scene, today’s offerings from creator David Pellicer incorporate vintage styles and modern craftsmanship into their deep product line.

Etnia Barcelona Eyewear At Eye Mechanix

We design exclusive textures and colors for each new season, based on our analysis of trends. Our inspiration comes from the art world.” Priding themselves on 100% natural acetate, the cotton based material is permeated with a wide range of colors and patterns to create their signature look. Etnia Barcelona takes color so seriously that they run tests twice per year to evaluate their current palette and incorporate new shades into their Etnia Barcelona eyewear line.

However, it’s not just about colorful acetates, as a plethora of thin and light metal frames also make up a fair portion of their collection. “Our “savoir faire” goes into each and every one of our creations. The excellence that can only come from years of experience is apparent throughout, right down to the smallest detail.”

Classic rounds in bold colors, as well as modern silhouettes in muted tones, round out the line. If you’re after a quality frame that appeals to your creative side, Etnia Barcelona eyewear has you covered.


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