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Optometrists In La Grange Illinois at Eye Mechanix

Eye Mechanix Eyecare Center at 52 S. La Grange Rd La Grange Illinois 60525 e1527787338886

Welcome to Eye Mechanix Eye Care Centers. We are full service Optometry Eye Care Centers located in La Grange Illinois and Lincoln Park, Chicago. Our Optometrists in La Grange Dr. Randall Ricketts and Dr. Tracy Stimpson have been practicing Optometry for many years. Optometrist services include comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens examinations, emergency eye care, children’s eye examinations and co-management of laser eye surgery.

Our Optometrists In La Grange Illinois

Our Optometrists in La Grange main focus is on eye health and maintaining excellent vision. Eye health problems may be an indicator of general health conditions which can be detected with an eye examination. Many general health conditions may affect the overall health of your eyes. Routine eye exams may uncover underlying general health conditions which is why we recommend an yearly examination.

Dr Randall Ricketts and Dr Tracy Stimpson both graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry. We are both excited about our new Optometry eye care center located in the Village of La Grange Illinois. Our Eye Care Centers use the most advanced equipment to ensure proper eye health and prescriptions for your eyes. We have a lifelong commitment to develop the highest quality of care for all our patients. Annual eye examinations for adults and children are an important part of your health. A good way to maintain good vision and eye health is early detection of any sight threatening conditions.

Our Opticians in La Grange Illinois

Our Opticians at Eye Mechanix in La Grange have many years of optical experience. Opticians Marie Cahill and Lora DeLaMora have both worked in Optometry clinics in La Grange for many years and are excellent eyewear stylists. They know which type of lenses which will improve your vision and overall look of your new eyeglasses. We have the advantage of using highly advanced lenses for your eyeglasses. High definition Lenses are almost always use in every pair of our eyeglasses. The advantages of advanced lenses are reduced visual aberrations, improved sight and thinner lenses. We offer blue light anti-reflective protection for our eyes from our phones, computers and tablets. If you have a high prescription we offer the thinnest lenses available.

Eyewear at Eye Mechanix in La Grange Illinois

Optometrists in La Grange at Eye Mechanix Eye Care Center

We feature some of the most unique eyewear collections for adults and children. Classic, contemporary, urban and handcrafted designs coupled with high quality materials set us apart. Some of our eyewear collections are Matsuda, WooW, Etnia Barcelona, Garrett Leight, Masunaga, DeStil, Dolabany, Iyoko Inyake, Kame ManNen and many more. Please visit our office to view our new eyewear collections and to schedule an appointment with one of our Optometrists in La Grange.

Visit our website or call to schedule an appointment with our Optometrists in La Grange Illinois!