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The New Varilux X Progressive Multifocal Lens

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Experience better and clearer vision with the new Varilux X Progressive Multifocal lens. This Progressive Multifocal lens is a new cutting edge bifocal lens. Our life’s have changed and everyone is on a computer, phone or a tablet. We are constantly switching back and forth between our computer to a conversation all while texting our kids. So many hours of our day are within arms reach to stay connected and work more efficiently. The new Varilux X Progressive multifocal is much better for reading. With its new technology it will help you see clearer and easier from distance to anything up close.

Varilux X Progressive Multifocal Lens

The new Varilux X Progressive Multifocal lens dramatically reduces head movement and it ensures your vision is as natural as possible. My experience since I have one is that it feels like a single vision lens. It just works really well for all distances. The Varilux X Progressive lens removes limitations of some other multifocal progressive lenses. It sharpens vision, speeds up adaptation time and improves visual comfort of your eyes. This new Progressive Lens is a dual side digital high-definition lens. This means we take measurements that adapt for your prescription and the shape of your lenses.

There are many really good progressive multifocal lenses available. We custom select and fit many other lenses to fit our patients needs. Selecting the right progressive can make a huge difference in your vision. They all have different specifications that we can custom tailor to meet your needs. The eyeglass selection can make a big difference as well depending on your prescription and many other variables. Please stop by one of our eye care centers so our Opticians can help your select the best lenses for your vision. We are located in Lincoln Park Chicago and La Grange Illinois.

Visit our website or call to schedule an appointment and see clearer with the Varilux X Progressive Multifocal Lens!