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Chicago Optometrist In Lincoln Park Can Treat Your Eye Allergies

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Our Chicago Optometrist in Lincoln Park can help treat your itchy red irritated eyes. Spring is here and allergies are very common this time of year. Many of us think of fits of congestion and sneezing when it comes to allergies. Allergies can have a dramatic effect on our eyes too. Ocular allergies or eye allergies affect more than 20 percent of us. Seasonal allergies can cause watery eyes along with sneezing and congestion.

Our Chicago Optometrist Explains Ocular Allergies

We all know someone suffering from seasonal allergies, but what causes them. There are two types of allergies: seasonal and perennial.

Seasonal allergies are very common and occur during certain times of the year. The most common time is spring thru fall. These are caused by airborne allergens such as pollen from plants, flowers, trees and grass.

Perennial allergies are year round and are cause by dust, mites, pet dander and sometimes a feather comforter and pillows. Environmental conditions can also cause these allergies such as smoke and air pollution.

Often it is easy to determine what is causing your eyes to be irritated. If you can’t seem to figure it out or you can’t find any relief please schedule an eye exam with our chicago optometrist. Both seasonal and perennial allergies are cause by a lapse in our immune system. Most of the causes are usually harmless. The eye irritation starts with the tissue that lines our eyelids and the covering of the white of our eyes. This covering is called the conjunctiva. Our body tries to fight the allergy allergens by forming antibodies that are released but they cause our eyes to red itchy and water. They are usually associated with a stuffy nose.

Our Optometrist can help reduce allergies in your eyes

Try to stay indoors when there is a high pollen count. This is difficult because the weather is so nice outside.

Remove your contact lenses. Contacts collect the pollen on them when you go outside and accumulate on  your contacts. Wear your glasses or sunglasses more often. Glasses or sunglasses can actually block the pollen and keep them out of your eyes.

Clean your house more. Pollen, dust and mites can be everywhere in your house. If you mop your floors with a dap mop it will reduce the amount in your house.

Rubbing your eyes can make it worse. Use artificial tear drops to lubricate and remove the dust and pollen from your eyes.

We can prescribe allergy drops that will reduce the effects of allergies in your eyes. There are two types of drops we can prescribe. The medication prescribed will depend on the severity of your condition.

A lot of spring eye exams to our chicago optometrist are due to eye allergies. We can certainly help you reduce the effects of your ocular allergies this spring. Don’t let allergies ruin your spring time fun. Book an eye exam with our chicago optometrist in Lincoln Park today at

Schedule an Eye Exam with our Chicago Optometrist  in Lincoln park and SEE the difference!