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Garrett Leight Eyeglasses At Eye Mechanix Eyecare Center

Garrett Leight Eyeglasses at Eye Mechanix Eyecare at Eye Mechanix

Inspired by the California lifestyle and culture, Garrett Leight eyeglasses and sunglasses are classic, contemporary, timeless and on trend. Find the perfect round glasses, retro glasses and vintage frames to suit your unique personality and style. Each frame features subtle and sophisticated details in fit, material and proportion that make it unique, such as Italian and Japanese acetates and German made hinges. Browse our collection of eyeglasses for men and women today.

Garrett Leight Eyeglasses At Eye Mechanix Eyecare Center

Unlike so many new eyewear brands, you know a pair of Garrett Leight eyeglasses as soon as you see them. They somehow manage to be statement-making and completely understated at the same time; the opposite of the heavy-handed (literally and figuratively) frames that you see everywhere else.

If you’re new to the brand here’s a quick rundown: Garrett is the son of eyewear legend Larry Leight, who founded Oliver Peoples, and started his own thing about six years ago, after learning the ropes at Oliver Peoples and a brief stint making eyeglasses for street wear brands. Today, Garrett Leight California has two freestanding stores in Los Angeles, one in San Francisco, and one in New York, along with dozens of wholesale partners.

Garrett Leight EyeglassesGarrett Leight launched his eponymous line in 2010. Using the highest-quality materials and hardware sourced from Japan, Italy, and Germany, the brand features an easygoing West Coast vibe with richly colored frames and classic shapes. Every pair of glasses is hand-stamped with the numbers 90291, the zip code for the company’s hometown of Venice, California. Praised for their casual-cool look, Garrett Leight eyeglasses can be spotted court side and on red carpets around the world. Stop in our New Eyecare Center in LaGrange Illinois to find your next pair of Garrett Leight Eyeglasses.

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