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Lincoln Park Optometrist Can Help Your Dry Eyes

11745792 799788450137447 7961368659865841091 n 1 e1489695284392Dr Randall Ricketts our friendly Lincoln Park Optometrist in Chicago has a lifelong commitment to developing the highest quality care for his patients. Ensuring you have the most advanced solutions for all of your eye care needs. Annual eye exams by our Lincoln Park Optometrist for any adult are an important part of your health. We can detect many health conditions in an eye exam, as well as maintaining the health of your eyes. A good way to maintain good vision and health is early detection of sight threatening diseases. Your risk of developing conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes and cataracts increases as you age. These conditions when detected early can ensure good vision and prevent vision loss.

Our Lincoln Park Optometrist Can Treat Your Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are very common in many adults. Dry eye is a condition that affects millions worldwide. It is one of the most common reasons that patients visit their optometrist. Symptoms are burning, irritated red eyes, itching and a decrease in vision. If you wear contact lenses they can become increasingly uncomfortable throughout the day. Our tears are crucial for our eye health and vision performance. They protect the eye from infections and lubricate the surface of the eye. Tears keep our eyes moist and they wash away dust and debris. When we don’t produce enough tears this is called dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes are most common in adults and is often a chronic problem. Some causes of dry eyes are: aging, medications, infrequent blinking and some illnesses.

Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable. Many of the symptoms can vary from person to person. A common symptom of dry eyes can be excessive tearing or watery eyes. This occurs because the responds to your dry eyes and releases too many tears. The tears released are not the type of tears that help with dry eyes. They form the water layer in our tears but not the oil or lipid layer in our tears. The oil layer helps prevent our water layer from evaporating into the air. So this water layer just evaporates so quickly and doesn’t help much to lubricate the eye. This cycle continues until you visit our lincoln park optometrist for help.

If you feel that your eyes are dry throughout the day or you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, please schedule an eye exam with our optometrist. Based on the cause of your dye eyes we will be able to make a treatment plan and options. Your eye health is important to us! Please schedule an eye exam with our Lincoln Park Optometrist at EyeMechanix.

Schedule an Exam with our Lincoln Park Optometrist in Chicago and see the Difference