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Optometrist in Lincoln Park & The Best Multifocal Lenses

Optometrist in Lincoln Park best multifocal lenses e1509143668426Our optometrist in lincoln park will explain the best multifocal lenses for your vision. There are many factors involved in choosing the best multifocal lenses for your vision. The selection of eyeglasses, your prescription and your vision requirements or needs. These are some factors to consider when choosing a progressive multifocal lens for your vision.

Our Optometrist in Lincoln Park Explains Multifocal Lenses

Progressive multifocal lenses are a bifocal without a line. There are vast differences in each design within each manufacturer of multifocal lenses. How do we choose which one will yield the best vision for you? Let me step back for a minute. If you are having difficulty adjusting or seeing thru your multifocal lenses, there is probably a better designed lens for you. Sometimes an adjustment of the eyeglasses can make you more comfortable and improve your vision. If that doesn’t help we know how to choose a lens that will give you the best, most comfortable vision. Please stop in and see our opticians or our optometrist in lincoln park. We will be happy to adjust and help you with your current progressive multifocals. We frequently meet with the major lens manufacturers learning the new techniques and lenses available. This also allows us to learn more about the best type of lens for your particular needs, prescription and the latest technology of multifocal lenses.

Multifocal Lens Designs

There are many multifocal designs, so i will focus on the designs that we have found to work the best for our patients. Most of our Progressive multifocal lenses we use are Shamir multifocal progressive lenses. Shamir has done a lot of research in designing and in my opinion some of the best multifocal lenses. The Shamir designed multifocal lenses are digitally surfaced or are high-definition lenses. These are made with more exact tolerances than traditionally made lenses. You will see much clearer with less distortion and will be able to adapt to progressive multifocals much easier. If you have had difficulty with progressive multifocal lenses in the past, we listen to your difficulties and address them with a new design.

We will choose a design based on your visual needs. Let’s say you want to be able to see your computer with more ease. We have a couple of lenses to choose from. If you prefer mostly distance vision we can choose a design that gives very clear distance with a bit of reading. If a patient works on computers all day long we can select a multifocal with a lot of computer distance reading. One type of multifocal lens has a step like change which will yield a wider view when using your computer. The type of lens also depends on the distance away from you the computer is located. The strength of your distance prescription and the amount of reading power that is needed also helps us narrow down the design or type of a progressive.

All of these factors help us choose the best multifocal lens for your vision. Let us help you find the right progressive multifocal lens for your vision. The best initial step is to schedule an eye exam with our optometrist in lincoln park.

Schedule an Eye Exam with our Optometrist in Lincoln park and SEE the difference!