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Sunglass Clip On For Your Eyeglasses> Lincoln Park

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If you prefer not to use transition lenses that change your eyeglasses into sunglasses we have a solution. A sunglass clip on. Change any pair of eyeglasses into sunglasses very easily. We can use your existing pair of eyeglasses or if you purchase a new pair of eyeglasses we can have a sunglass clip made for them. A sunglass clip on is a very unique way of turning your eyeglasses into sunglasses.

Sunglass Clip On For Your Eyeglasses

We use a company called clip house for our sunglass clip on. This company started in 1997. The quality of their custom made sunglass clip on sunglasses are impeccable. Made with precision, we can match any color of frame. The type of glasses we can make sunglass clip on’s are metal, plastic, rimless and drill mounted eyeglass frames. Virtually any pair of glasses can have a sunglass clip on.

Each clip on sunglass is manufactured to the same shape and color of your eyeglass frame. Custom coloring is also an option for any pair of eyeglasses. This can give your eyeglasses a different look while the sunglass clip is attached. We use top of the line computer scanning, welding, hand polishing and painting for each sunglass clip. We guarantee the highest quality of sunglass clips to match any eyeglass frame.

They are a variety of options for your sunglass clip on. We can either specify a hidden bridge or a long bridge. A long bridge clip on has a thin bar that arches across the top of your frame. This is a very nice clip that is easy to attach and remove from your eyeglasses. A hidden bridge clips over the middle part of your eyeglasses. This type of sunglass clip hides the clip from each side of the lenses. Both styles work really well and are a nice option for your eyeglasses.

If you are having any questions about custom made sunglass clips or want to schedule an eye exam with our Lincoln Park Eye Doctor please give us a call. You can also schedule online at Eye

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