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Today's stylish eyewear provides you with more than crystal-clear vision. At our Lincoln Park and La Grange opticals we offer our patients a wide variety of styles and designs from the most popular European and American designer eyewear collections in eyewear today. This come in a range of colors, and materials including titanium, stainless steel and plastic. Come on in today. We look forward to helping you select the best eyewear for your vision prescription, lifestyle, and unique fashion taste!

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Quality Lenses and Eyeglasses In Lincoln Park and La Grange, Illinois

Looking for the best eyeglasses for your needs and sense of style? We help you understand how different lenses and frames will affect your vision, and can guide you to find just the right look, fit and functionality to help you feel great about how you see and are seen by the world around you.

New clients and all our current patients are welcome to visit our optical at Eye Mechanix with their current prescription - no appointment necessary.

Our Eyeglass Services:

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  • Thumbnail sunglasses
    Our Lincoln Park and La Grange opticals offer a wide variety of the latest designs and styles from top-trending eyewear brands. Find out which of your favorite brands we have.
  • Woman Trying on Glasses.jpg
    Prescription eyeglasses and frames are constantly evolving to give you the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. Come take a look at the latest advancements, and see how we can help.
  • screens blueight 2 640×350 1.jpg
    Overexposure to blue light can cause headaches and dizziness, make it more difficult to get to sleep, and possibly increase your long-term risk of macular degeneration. Computer glasses and methods of minimizing your blue light exposure may be able to help.
  • Thumbnail eyeglass basics
    The right pair of glasses can help you look great and see the world clearly. Learn the basics of how to choose the right pair of glasses for you, and how our optical team can help.
  • Child Glasses Smart 640x350px e1575881173736.jpg
    Our children's optical section offers a wide selection of frames in all the colors and designs kids love. Help your child feel confident and see their world clearly with top-notch glasses made just for them.
  • sunglasses eyewear 640x350 e1575789822221.jpg
    Sunglasses are more than just a perfect finishing touch to astylish outfit. Qulaity sunglasses also protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and glare from sources such as snow, glass and water.
  • sport protective eyewear 640x350 e1576595742304.jpg
    Whether you're out on the basketball courts, going for a dive in the ocean, or skiing out on the slopes, specialty protective eyewear is a must. Come take a look at what we offer and how we can help.
  • transitions lenses 640x350px e1576586670664.jpg
    Transitions® Lenses Optical, Inc. has developed the world's most advanced photochromic lens technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light.  Transitions® Lenses are the #1 brand of photochromic lenses recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.
  • woman wearing roud glasses 640.jpg
    The right pair of glasses will help you see the world clearly and be seen by the world exactly as you want to be seen. But how do you choose what's right for you? Take a look at our eyeglasses guide to learn more.
  • glasses on white sweater 640x350.jpg
    Different eyeglass frame materials have different advantages. Read about some of the top materials we offer, and discover which may be best for you.