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Beautiful selection of unique glasses! Marie and Veronica were great at helping me find the perfect frames. Won't go anywhere else! 💯
2 months ago
- Victor T.
To say I’m happy with Dr. Ruiz at Eye Mechanix is an understatement. He may have actually saved our son’s vision. When we brought our son in for what we thought was a regular eye exam and prescription update, Dr. Ruiz caught that our son might be starting to get a lazy eye. He referred us to a specialist who was impressed that Dr. Ruiz caught the abnormality because it was so subtle. The specialist told us that because this was caught early, our son’s vision in his one eye can be worked on and if it we had waited much longer, his brain may have started to turn his eye “off”, essentially losing vision in that eye. I am so grateful to Dr. Ruiz. Not only did he catch my son’s impending vision issue but he has a great bedside manner. He and my son loved chatting about Minecraft during their visit. Which certainly made my son LOVE going to the eye doctor.
3 months ago
- Jennifer M.
Unparalleled selection of stylish eyewear and experienced staff that knows what to do!
4 months ago
- g t.
I do not think I have been to another business locally or anywhere else with the incredible customer service Eye Mechanix La Grange has. My son is new to wearing glasses, has bent them, broken them, and all else under the sun yet each time the folks there greeted us with a smile and full understanding. I am so glad I found these guys. And I have never found a different store to fit my glasses as perfectly as they have.
8 months ago
- Dan Y.
Superior experience for the entire Family! Friendly office, excellent doctors and a very diverse selection of frames. Highly recommend Eye Mechanix of LaGrange to everyone.
3 years ago
- Andrew M.
Wonderful selection of glasses! I am so happy they are in La Grange. Both times I visited they helped me select frames! I love getting help with this. I was also happy to see an employee who I used to work with at another place, she has the best taste in selecting eyeware!
3 years ago
- Leslie H.
Best Eye exam with any Optometrist I’ve ever had. They really helped me pick out an awesome pair of eyeglasses. They have an amazing selection of glasses. Highly recommend!!
3 years ago
- Damir P.